Feminism. Feminism and feminism.
Hadn’t the world heard enough of this. Ever since we grew up we have already heard a lot about some 50 shades of feminism or maybe a few 100, so much that half of the world had actually forgotten what its real meaning ever was.
It’s said, “It takes a lot of changes for a child to turn up to a man”. But ever wondered what shapes an innocent girl to “the fiercest of women”. (And maybe I know this because I’m transforming into one)
But like most of the things, there has developed a superficiality related to feminism too, which needs to break down before the next generation even starts breathing it.
So here are few traits that you should definitely know before calling yourself a true feminist or rather blaming the feminists… (Hold on to the end)

Express yourself-
This is one of the things that I would shout from the top of the mountains to the whole world- boldly.
If women today are programmers, teachers, member of STEM, CEO, Manager, Entrepreneur, Dancer, Mountaineer – It’s only and only because someone, somewhere has raised her voice, her feelings and desires.
The way you stand up to your choice, the way you hold the sunlight in your fists, the way you let out your feelings, the way you dance and laugh carefree – It’s time to Give Way to all of it. It’s time to give power to it. “Feel the energy in the way you feel things.” Let none tell you that you feel too deep. If they can’t, then it’s their incapability to cherish and appreciate things at the close.
Stand up to your choices. Give voice to your voice.

Respect others, But wait…
This is one of the things that I have been doing wrong for a long time and without even realising it. Perhaps one of the first lessons we all are taught at school was to respect others, but none told that it should not, come at the cost of your own self-respect. That it should be valued too.
Also, respect doesn’t come by belittling another gender. Being right or being wrong doesn’t come by seeing gender..it comes with intellectual maturity.

There’s a difference between feminist and man-hater.

Accept appreciation but don’t be swayed away by it-
And one quality that defines a women lies “in the gracious of manners she can handle both-hardships and appreciation.” Appreciation is an understatement there.
Perhaps one of the advice that every dad gives to her little girl is to accept appreciation with your utmost grace, and yet not be swayed away by it. Slowly, as we grow up we learn the way to differentiate between a real sweet voice and sweet poison, but important is to make your move swiftly out of it. If they tell you are beautiful-accept it with grace. But also, never forget your sharpest side {beauty with brain} it’ll add nothing but the value to the hollow notions of beauty.

Shine through your scars:
Seems contradictory to what I said just now. But believe me, the difference sinks an entire ocean within. Accepting what others show about yourself is something that’s very plastic. But loving your own self, deeply and with all those scars that are not just beautiful but also a mark of battles you’ve fought alone.
Half of the problem in the world exist because people still don’t know their true value. And still believe what their past told them- that you weren’t created to be loved, or to be valued. But guess what, this brooding past isn’t letting you change your future too and wants you to hold onto it. “Love yourself right, and you’ll never lower your standards for anyone”
It is an art many are yet to learn and this won’t come that easy for some. It might take everything from you to make you realise the best you could ever have was nothing but you, yourself. Nothing more, nothing less. And the best part, in case you decide to appreciate yourself right now, you have your own self right beside you, right now. Show it love and you’ll shine differently. Thank the universe for this cosmic structure which you used to call a hollow, bony home.

A purpose to stand for:
What defines a man is his purpose to live. All lives perish into the sand, but some stories are worth putting up on a pedestal that gives light to millennials of the coming generation.
Follow great people. Those who have accomplished their dreams will always tell you to follow your passion. “Believe them.” Believe the stories put up on a pedestal, read them & live by them.
But as the irony goes that ordinary people won’t ever stop by reading or in that case believing in their stories. For it takes a curious soul to believe in them, those looking for answers, those seeking a change in their lives and those who ready to believe that it’s possible. That they too can accomplish great.
Maybe that’s why all great wo/men are avid readers. ONLY THOSE LIVING FOR OR SEARCHING FOR THEIR PURPOSE IN LIFE WOULD SEEK THAT LIGHT and then they create patterns out of them for yet another generation of millennials, who would come looking to leave their mark. And the cycle goes on.


G.D Anderson

Stop playing small games:
The lesser said on it, the better. 🙂

A real woman is one who uplifts other women:
The sole reason for this blog and the thought that provoked me to write again after almost a year was when I saw how people were pushing down each other just to reach the pinnacle.
Bachendri Pal, first Indian woman to climb Everest. Can you guess what she did on reaching the topmost point of the earth? She immediately cut off the pointed peak to create space for others to stand. Not only this, when the team was struck with disaster she went all the way down through the ice-covered vertically walls of glaciers to help her mates with medicines and tea just to climb back up all the way up again. When she can help in those harshest of situations, then why do we deter from helping one-other when we have nothing to lose. UPLIFT OTHERS.
Even if you live by all the things mentioned above that still won’t make you a woman if you can’t appreciate and help other women stand on her feet. And this doesn’t have to come in some great ways- It can be as simple as complimenting a girl in your class or encouraging your fellow mate for an upcoming presentation.
Remember, a real woman will always be the one who uplifts another.

Physical Standards:
Sorry boys, but all of the stereotypic notions of the world couldn’t stop us from entering into the gyms (for sure one reason being the changing trends of fitness). If they tell you that your physical standards are less than those of boys-then let me tell you that number of women in Russian Military forces are much greater in number than boys, in a country with temperature below the freezing point for half of the year.

Around the web:
The secret story of the women who broke Hitler’s codes :
“Because Turing’s individual achievements were so momentous, it’s sometimes forgotten that more than 10,000 other people worked at the Government Code and Cypher School, of whom more than two-thirds were female. ”

Woman in the Military: 50,000 Women Work in Russian Armed Forceshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GHh9kVuO5E4

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