I sing very comfortably
From my Vantage point
Where the music emanates
From empty shells
The sea, and the bells.

The sky threading on tunes of violin

Sunsets woven beautifully
On the coquetry of twilight

Where neither the night touches
Nor the day soothes
But, dangles always somewhere in between
Black and white,
Broken, with pieces intact
Together, yet shattered
Voices rising calmly
As not to awake the demons hiding

I sing comfortably
from my vantage point
Where the air loosens her hair
Where the sunrays peep in
And imprint symphonies on her skin

With coffee mug still
on window sill
And novels, yet to be explored
I stand where mountains cold
Melt into strings of eddying rivers
Dipping my feet into that abyss
Singing comfortably,
from my vantage point

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