I never knew that even scarcity of it

Would grow out of me

I mean, just look how love unfolds

And wraps me all around …


Ever wondered what’s the basic force that moulds an individual? Why some children are profligate while others are frugal. Why, what’s invaluable for one, is a dream for another. Why things one take for granted becomes a blessing for another. Many a time we even heard parents complaining, “They don’t understand the value of things we provide them. We want to teach our child value of education, the value of dance or karate classes, the value of a penny or at times even value of love and trust.” And why just children, sometimes we as a person also fail to realize the real treasures of our life.


That’s the psychological fact, what people get the most they start to have an aversion towards it. When you have your family, you seem to shirk off their pieces of advice, the rules that parents and teachers teach seems as barriers, however, once we move to new city or town we start to realize the value of their presence. Want to know the cost of these rules- ask the one who never felt that soft touch of soothing hands on his forehead, one who never have had the joy of guiding fingers to start his day when he moves out every morning to earn his breath for the day, for food. When in school those little moments where our teachers pointed to even that little screeching sound made by our shoes. Augh! How irritating it seemed. But I was truly amazed when I heard the fact that great leaders are known to leave an impact in everything they do, even when they walk!


How often we complain it’s too sunny, too cold, too humid outside. Now I guess, I don’t need to explain the importance of sun in our lives. So stop complaining and start relishing those beautiful little moments that you own in your life, and remember scarcity is trying to teach you something. It’ll grow out of you- either today or tomorrow, but for sure, it will.

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