Being 20 [Forever]

Being 20 [Forever]

Being 20 [Forever]…
It was just yesterday that I read somewhere “Things to know before you turn 20” and that ‘yesterday’ turned out to be nearly 2 years until I realized that I’m left with my last 20 days to be that ‘20’s-Thing’. So I’m gonna talk about all those things that make me realize how being 20 actually feels and what spending 20 successful years of our life in a place called Earth.
Some Facts:
1)   By now every person who reached the age 20 has spent 182,688 hours, (including 144 extra hours for one’s born in 1996 of leap days!), 10,961,280 minutes and now I won’t converting it to seconds by writing such a large figure to scare you.
2) The world average life expectancy for 20 years old is 68.35 years.
3)  At the age 20, an average of 99,105 only survives. Congrats! You are one!!
 We are the opposite of “Being Struck”:
A few years ago, there was a transition point where we left our schools and began a new journey to be a Youth, travelling all the way from our middlescence which was the world full of confusions, mixed-feelings-emotions and mind-boggling questions, and 1 day we would probably end up working extra hours at office, being away from family when everyone would be enjoying during festive seasons. Living a hard-core boring adult life and few more years, getting married and then bingo! Dropping kids to school.
So if you ever think you’re being struck in 20’s than Congrats!! Because nothing could be sweetest than being struck in this age. Of course, everything’s gonna be astounding even after our 20’s, but then:
Don’t you think you will miss-?
1.) Experimenting New hairstyles, following latest trends, having the stylish beard or those last night makeups and taking selfies with early morning messy hair.
2.) The best point to make everyone feel Jealous: (Probably yours favourite). Everyone younger than you (high school age) and everyone older than you (mid-life crisis) think you’re cool and is jealous of your life.
3.) A constantly moving life, where once all you want to do was travel and travel–at most times for no reason at all and that was good too!
Moreover, you could take extended periods of time off work to “travel” and people would applaud for it.
 “I just turned 26 and the part about older people (who are established) being a bit envious of me is slightly comforting! It’s a wild ride for sure, and I always say we get our best looks and hot dates and fewer responsibilities in payment for the uncertainty, stress and small paychecks :)”
4.) Make Mistaking-The best thing about being 20 was that you could make lots of them!! Be it about career or even about new hairstyle and the best part-‘you could always return’.
At least, there won’t be any boss who would blow the files off your face for making them_Where you were your own Boss!!!

5.) Being no more in our youth-essence which is usually a time of self-doubt and readjustment and time where we grew from being hurt by a blunt blade to walking out with a tougher skin. 

6.) Being Free: You are a raw nerve! The only person you need to seek approval from is you! See and feel as much as you could and as much you wanted to. All of the time and decisions were all your own. What you want, whom, where and how you want-All Yours.

7.) Toxic people:  “Three things cannot be hidden for long—The Sun, The Moon, and the Truth”. The various folds of time have, by now, already broken all those fake delusions of what we thought was real, and made you what truly matters if not for them, then for us. You know such toxic stuff are not worth your time. You know they are around you for their ulterior motives. So you just let them go!
8.) Your Worth: Once you let such ambidextrous people out of your life, you love yourself the most. Love, for everything that you are and everything you possess- your family, your work, your passion, your parents (Even your younger bro becomes integral who once was an anthropoid for you).It’s as refreshing as new love.
9.) Young-ly Young: We’re not in our ‘teens-something’ where we need to get home by ‘#-hour’ nor so old enough be dizzy on the dance floor.

10.) Just young enough to be on the dance floor till the music stops!! Even if have to go to work 3 hours later. Going mad, who knows which one would be our last?

11.) Flamboyant You!! {My favourite and I know yours too!}
I mean just look at yourself, feel that tightness of the skin. We’re truly in the prime of our lives. No pimples, no wrinkles– and to make things better we could use heels daily without looking weird, afford makeup and a decent hairstylist too.
If you’re a man– joining the gym and carving out the best look in suits completes your perfection.
When you’re older you’ll want all of this so badly!😍
12.) Hot Dates and Falling in Love: It would be an incomplete picture if I won’t include this point here. I read “You could go out on numerous dates, hang out with ones who match your level of awesomeness”. Probably the best age to find your love because by now we’re mature enough as compared to when we were teens and not that desperate for someone.
But still, like me, you can always opt to be beautifully single even after getting 14 proposals in a month. We always have a choice and that’s what being 20’s is like, right!
“Life is fleeting. I had a lovely time, especially in the early years – dancing on beaches in the moonlight and at illegal raves watching the sun come up. I will always look back fondly on those times. I sometimes miss the spontaneity and joy of being 21, the endless possibilities and capacity for friendship.”
And as this time is passing, I’m counting it pass by, like falling grains of sand—it’s like losing our 2nd childhood and growing up to be something more concrete, something more strong. Someone with the energy of a teenager but also someone more responsible.
These were the real treasures of being 20 which even I wouldn’t have realized if I would have not taken the time to look back & blog it.
So this was all about being-your-last-20, but I can assure is to be as childish, as young, as playful and to be as-20 as ever—Choice is always our’s, remember!!
Which one is your favourite, probably one which you’ll always miss as being 20, let me know via comments below… 🙂

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Shanu Mathew
Shanu Mathew

Beautifully written Priyanka.. I was overwhelmed by each and every word I was reading that you wrote.. Now all we can do is to remember our childhood memories and cherish them and be prepared for the next phase of life.. Good going dear..God bless you 😊 😊

Rahul jarwal
Rahul jarwal

Hey priyanka ! Just read the whole one about some minutes ago and u suddenly make me feel that I’m going to be 21 in couple of days..😂..but the thing is I’m still 20…nd yup I really wnt to stay 20 forever…you have written each and every thing I’m going through right now and you made me feel how much I’m going to miss these days..😅😅😅👍😇