The Calendar Of Your Life

The Calendar Of Your Life

This New Year recreate your Life with the new Calendar-of-your-life, The Life You didn’t realize You Actually Had…

The Life You Didn’t Realize You Actually Had…

There was a day when you were just a toddler…to the day when you enjoyed that little batch on your shoulder which read ‘Class Captain’.
And finally the day came when the transition occurred from a shy school student to the dynamic-young-You in college where the chocolate toppings in coffee sketched the long discussions at midnight, chatting with friends which perhaps forgot the fine line between dawn and the dusk, bunking classes, nicknaming teachers, treats, crushes on pals, bike of friends, discussion @ cafe minutes before exams(my personal & perhaps one of my favorites), and having a competition with friends as to who will leave the exam hall first..And then moving to cities for jobs, Tiresome career-years, and infinite-seeming bachelor’s life.

There have been so many not-so-memorable but significant moments  in our life for which we longed but then just probably took for granted, as of me, I’ve always dreamt of being in that beautiful, big school building where my elder cousins used to study and felt as if I was dumped into that comparatively smaller kindergarten building where everything was pretty much the same- were of same little height, and wore the same dress and now, I miss being again in that red-check beautiful skirt.

The day we finally bid farewell to that big building in the city, to the day we celebrated our eighteenth birthday, the day we learned about Newton’s laws to be a bearing witness of a turning point in history with the discovery of Higgs-Boson. The day you first drove alone to taking a long trip with friends. Leaving a family home or Opening your first paycheck. Falling in love or getting engaged; Succeeding at work or Watching your parents interact with your child…
-Pretty Much Like Any Other Typical Life.

But one inclement morning where suddenly everything becomes quiet and seems to reach its dead-end. No further mischief with whom we called the gang of hooligans at birthday bumps, no longer following the latest trends, no silly politics. No longer those bursts of laughter at late night bed-stories instead just a bed with the wall painted white and the mourning silence which takes you to all those moments not lived, to things you once did and ones you didn’t, all, slowly disappearing into nothingness.

Bad News:

Now, this is the life you’ve already lived if you are in your early 20’s …

The story that you’ve lived, the role played, lessons learned and made accomplishments.
Where each page represents 10 days of your life.

And their Life calendar:  

Credit: Tim Urban / Wait But Why

But, The Best Part…

You are still remaining with 70 years of  Your life
The part you are left with….
where every page is a day of your life.What I call it to be The Calendar of Your Life.

Throw on it as many colors as you can-Draw, Create, Invent, Explore as its an opportunity to be in, and touch the ‘now of your life with integrity.’
Remember, Life isn’t meant to just being your needs met but instead, it is To create.

And this is The Life You didn’t realize, You Actually Have…

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