Dark Matter of Friendship

Dark Matter of Friendship

Dark Matter of Friendship

Social Science claims that- Man is the most social animal. But ever wondered what ties this man into a sociological being or what matter makes your friend-“Your Friend”? How a stranger from a place far off your city turns out to be a daily hangout buddy? How just the profoundness of eyes becomes an eternal memory? How that restlessness of absence turned you into insomniac?
Learning that the dynamics of friendship are mysterious yet unquantifiable, I actuated the probability of the person I met in college to be my friend in near future, which nearly turned out to be  ={(96!*18!)C120! * 480C6}…….. a value hard to calculate for a non-mathematician like me (even my calculator failed).
But I halted, when realised that even such a large value of probability failed to transit from acquaintanceship to friendship and surely something ineffable was at work–Was it the discussion of poor soul’s incomprehensible story at literature class or the song on the radio, the falling drops that fell on me but somewhere stimulated you, or the half-lit window that let my hairs flow & end up touching the soul beside and ended up tying some invisible strings together, or perhaps the sun that dawns at you but sets in me. Or was it the Ben Franklin Effect in- “the now-cute moment when I had to ask for a ride and you went out of your way for me,” which says things not materialistic but emotional talents plays our unplayed strings.

I’m still searching those traces of dark matter which lied deep hidden somewhere, dormant but continuously throbbing inside us for long that finally found a shady plot – the-common-likes-of-garden and the cross-paths of self-disclosure that tied us together forever. Forever until the far-off distances of moving out in childhood separated us, forever until the green-eyed jealous monster crept in, until the irreparable wrong. But I assure you it to be- ‘forever until you’re alive in my memories; forever until I’m alive in your memories’…

#Dedicated for the Jay and Veeru of my life!

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