New Girl In The City…

New Girl In The City…

A girl so shy, her feelings that laid so deep and the meanings locked in complex words, her expressions that have been buried since long  into silence, somewhere far away from worldliness. With calmness in her tenderfoots and leisureliness in her soul, she entered into that fast-paced world.

With tears beneath her smile and a heart a so pure that it bleeds from inside, she started her journey. 
And within pico of seconds she was there with everything that she ever prayed for – some people whom she could have called her friends, some moments when she could keep her creepy smile in her pocket and could really define smile on her lips, and how could she forgot about those dark bedevilled nights which has really pained her, scared her in the midst of her sleep but now she is thankful for there is someone who at least for once, could listen to her silent words in the darkest of night. 
And now when she has learned to move on, whenever the past scares her she just smiles. Hiding away just the pains will worsen the suffering more but she, she owes to smile, she owes not to torment her soul with the agonies that once trembled her and in search of love she steps so sure. 
She has ever been happy with the nature that was once silent and yet spoke so much to her but what will happen when she’ll step into a completely new domain. Will she ever believe wholeheartedly in this whole world that’s full of false promises as she has always done? Her silent words that had been resting in the graveyard for so long will they ever catch a glimpse of some hope. 

Will she ever realize that not the enemies but The Friends whom she adored so much will finally play a plot?? Or that nothing else but her crystallized faith only will kill her?

With love on her marks will she ever believe that the soothing care that she’s receiving will only prove to be a slow poison for her? Or ever believe in the fact that a friend of many is a friend to none??
{ Another interesting thing for my great readers – Wild-2014 (– a beautiful movie about a young woman who loses direction in life after the death of her beloved mother. In an effort to find her new place in the world, she embarks on an arduous trek along the Pacific Crest Trail. The film is compelling for its raw portrayal of Strayed’s life, for the natural beauty she encounters along her trek, and for the physical and emotional journey itself. Overall, I found it to be an exceptionally moving story, one that is sure to resonate strongly with many viewers.} 
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