A Walk To Remember….

A Walk To Remember….

A Walk To Remember

And as I lay here in inquisition, still and engrossed in gray glooms there lies a fast pace world outside, for which I’m falling …
lov’ng it’s each and every moment..

The hazy fields past unclear windows, the golden fireball racing past me, the gleam of telegraphic lines that swag shallows and presumably draws up running boundlessly drawing patterns  across the blue hues as if rhapsodic carrying lover’s message from end-to-end , whizzing past me smoke-mixed dust filled black fragmented air…and the tracks which always stays together but never actually meets and eventually dooms into infinity…

Every moment that draws me closer towards itself and then deserts me all alone..
Moment when I’m surrounded by many and yet so alone, the more I’m running for this moment the more it is
Slipping away from my hands; 
Slipping away to never ever return back to me;
Slipping away just to be in my memories forever and ever….

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priyanka verma

Some moments r nice, Some nicer and some worth noting it down..!!